Contacting investors

I support you in establishing contact with banks and investors.

If you want to contact capital providers, then established contacts are helpful. You will receive support in selecting and approaching suitable banks and investors.

My network partners and I know a number of investment companies and have good contacts with banks that we can use for your financing. We support you in getting appointments.

Zwei Männer besprechen nach der Erstellung des Businessplans die weiteren Schritte
Datenanalyse bei der Erstellung des Businessplans

Acquisition of subsidies

I help you to obtain subsidies in addition to a loan from a bank.

There are numerous subsidy programmes that we check for suitability for your project. This requires experience, market knowledge and stamina.

But it’s worth it: the range of funding available is impressive, in Europe and especially in Germany. Also for you and your project.

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The basis: a well-developed business plan

As a ticket to funding, you need a professional business plan: If you don’t present a really good business plan to your backers, you won’t get any capital – whether it’s a bank loan, equity capital from investors or government funding.

This is because the decision-makers in these institutions are accountable to their committees. Nobody wants to be accused of making nonsensical decisions and squandering their employer’s money. That is why these people rightly demand professional, well-prepared documents from you.

And as these investors are bombarded with loads of funding requests, they are grateful for shortcomings that allow them to screen out applicants.

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Datenanalyse bei der Erstellung des Businessplans
Geldgeber geben sich die Hand

In practice, decision makers use several filters:

  1. The first filter is incomplete and unprofessionally prepared documents.
  2. The second filter is business concepts that do not stand up to commercial scrutiny and are judged to be unsustainable on first reading.
  3. The third filter is projects where market segments, competitors, prices, distribution channels, etc. have not been sufficiently analysed (or not at all).
  4. The fourth filter is an unpleasant personal impression that can arise when gaps in the competence profile of the entrepreneur or the management team are apparent. A typical case is the technician who is not considered to have sales competence. Or a team of founders who do not have a finance person on board.

So you are not just expected to have a business plan, but a business plan that is conceptually well thought out and coherent and convincing all round.

With such a business plan, we will jointly approach capital providers.

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