Getting a business plan written

Getting a business plan written – expenses, contents and benefits

If you have your business plan prepared by an expert, then you will get a bankable document with everything that bankers and investors need for their decision. With a professional business plan and a confident appearance, you will most likely receive your financing.
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Portrait von Roland Giebitz, dem Businessplan Experten

My name is Roland Giebitz, your business plan expert.
As a former private equity exec and management consultant at McKinsey, I know the requirements for your business plan to be accepted by the bank.

With a professional business plan and a convincing appearance at the bank, you will most likely receive your financing.

What is the collaboration process when you get your business plan done?

Our cooperation follows these 12 steps:

  1.  We have a telephone conversation and you explain your project to me.
  2.  I estimate the scope of the project and you receive a quote from me.
  3.  We meet for an online kick-off meeting to get to know each other personally.
  4.  You mail me the information that is already available.
  5.  I create, or review, the financial planning numbers.
  6.  We exchange ideas about the assumptions, the parameters, the conclusions, etc.
  7.  The final financial plan shows the capital requirements for your project.
  8.  I work out the chapters of the written part of the business plan.
  9.  You will receive the new versions for proofreading.
  10.  We finalize the business plan by incorporating your change requests.
  11.  You receive the finished business plan as a PDF file.
  12.  We select suitable banks and investors and send the business plan, if desired.
Our work process

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A business plan tailored to you individually:

Business model description

  • Gathering all relevant information,
  • Elaborating growth opportunities and risks,
  • Analysing the most important success factors,
  • Formulating and editing the text section.

Development of financial forecasts

  • Forecasting P&Ls: deriving sales forecasts and cost forecasts,
  • Forecasting balance sheets: planning investments and working capital, as well as equity and debt financing,
  • Forecasting cash flow statements: deriving forecast cash flows from forecast P&Ls and forecast balance sheets,
  • Presenting and explaning these statements and the forecasts.

Market analysis

  • Analyzing market size and market segments,
  • Analyzing the competitive situation,
  • Analyzing market growth and trends.

Development of marketing and sales measures

  • Defining target customers,
  • Narrowing down the range of products and services,
  • Determining distribution channels,
  • Determining communication channels,
  • Developing the advertising budget.

Preparation for negotiations with banks

  • Elaborating a presentation,
  • Sparring for critical questions from bankers,
  • Accompanying you to bank meetings,
  • Answering questions from the bankers / investors.

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