Preparing bank meetings

Prepare bank interviews well.
Take your bank interview as seriously as your exam!

If you want to convince investors and bankers to entrust you with money, you have to make a professional and confident impression in the interview. After all, investors will judge your competence as an entrepreneur on the basis of your appearance.

I will prepare you for meetings with bankers and investors: You will be able to give convincing presentations and answer tricky questions from your funders. You will be solid in your figures. You will convey self-confidence thanks to your good preparation.

Bankgespräche vorbereiten - und so die Finanzierung bekommen

Intensive coaching will prepare you for the bank interviews.

Prepare for bank meetings? Isn’t it enough to send out a good business plan?

Not at all. Three positive assessments are necessary for a funding commitment:

  1. Your business model must be promising,
  2. Your business plan must present this clearly and convincingly, and
  3. You as a person must convince the financiers.

Bankers and investors must answer the question of whether they trust you as an entrepreneur to successfully implement the project.

To judge this, bankers and investors pay particular attention to the personal impression you make in the interviews. You have to do well here.

Therefore, it is advisable that you prepare diligently for the bank interviews.

Mit Datenanalyse auf Bankgespräche vorbereiten

I serve you as a sparring partner.

I question your business concept and analyse the critical success factors with you. You receive constructive feedback from the expert. It’s down to the nitty gritty.

This gives you valuable clues about neuralgic points in your business model that funders are most likely to scrutinise.

Together we will analyse these issues in more depth, and develop alternatives if necessary. You will come up with good answers.

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Give strong presentations and exude confidence!

The financiers not only evaluate your business concept, but also you as an entrepreneurial person.

To ensure that you make a professional impression in your presentations, you will receive extensive support from me: on the one hand, in the creation of your presentation and, on the other hand, through role plays.

I ask you all the tricky questions in trial runs that you will also hear from the funders. And work out the answers with you.

You will present your business model convincingly, you will defend it against objections and you will be rock solid regarding your numbers.

Thanks to your good preparation, you will radiate confidence and convince your investors.

How do you contact investors properly?
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