Process, benefits and costs

How does our cooperation work?

  1. We have a telephone conversation and you explain your project to me. Just call me on +49 441 180 2600.
  2. I estimate the scope of the project and you receive a quote from me.
  3. We have a kick-off meeting to get to know each other – in person or by video call.
  4. You send me the information that is already available.
  5. I prepare or review the financial planning.
  6. We exchange ideas about the assumptions, the parameters, the conclusions, etc.
  7. The completed financial plan shows the funding requirements for your project.
  8. I work out the chapters of the written part of the business plan.
  9. You will receive the new versions for counter-reading.
  10. We finalise the business plan by incorporating your change requests.
  11. You will receive the finished business plan as a PDF.
  12. We select suitable banks and investors and send out the business plan.

How much will it cost?

A business plan is a creative service tailored to your individual needs. The costs depend on the scope of the work. The amount of work depends on the complexity of your business model and the components you require.

Since experience shows that the amount of work required for individual business plans varies greatly, there are no fixed prices. Most projects cost between € 3,000 and € 5,000; these are the average values from many projects.

Let’s talk about it on the phone. Call me on +49 441 180 2600.

How long does it take to prepare your business plan?

Allow 2 to 3 weeks for business plans of normal complexity.

The record is eight days. But the conditions were ideal; it was a simple business model and all the data was available.

Business plans with complex business models, on the other hand, can take three to four months. A lot depends on the amount of research required and the desired level of detail in the financial model. This is up to you as entrepreneur, or your investors.

What risks do you run if you do not have the business plan drawn up by an expert?

You should consider costs and savings not only in the form of payments, but also in the form of time and opportunity costs:

If you as an entrepreneur were to write a business plan yourself, you would be heavily absorbed for several weeks. You would not have this time for your other activities with which you can generate more added value.

The same applies if you want to set up your company from a permanent position.

By deciding to have the business plan written, you avoid the indirect costs of wasting your time. And these can be high. In short: time is money.

What are the monetary benefits of creating your business plan?

Entrepreneurs who write their business plan themselves not only spend a lot of time on it, but also run the risk that the result is not usable. Creating a bankable business plan requires business knowledge, marketing know-how, experience and an understanding of what banks and investors value.

You run the risk that you will not get your financing with a self-made business plan. The opportunity costs are then much higher than paying the consulting fee if you have the business plan written: The costs of finding alternative capital and delaying your project until the business idea fails are much more serious than the fee for a business plan expert.

So weigh it up well. The decision to have the business plan drawn up and to invest costs of 3,000 to 5,000 EUR (these are average values from many projects) has proven to be purposeful and profitable for many entrepreneurs.

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