Foto des Businessplan-Kunden Stefan Sinnegger
Stefan Sinnegger

PowUnity GmbH

My firm sells GPS devices and apps for e-bikes. Our banker had very high praise for the business plan. Of the business plans he has seen in 20 years, Mr. Giebitz's was one of the best.
Foto des Businessplan-Kunden Christiano Pereira Koeters
Christiano Pereira Koeters

Acquisition of a hairdressing salon chain

I wanted to acquire a chain of hairdressing salons and asked Mr. Giebitz to determine the value of the company and to find arguments for a low purchase price. He did both very well and very quickly.
I was amazed at how he uncovered weaknesses in the company just by analysing the figures and worked out measures for improvement.
I am very satisfied and recommend Mr Giebitz with full conviction.
Foto des Bankers Rene Bungenberg (Deutsche Bank)
René Bungenberg

Deutsche Bank Rheine

We at Deutsche Bank would like to receive business plans of this high quality more often. I can only recommend to every start-up to get professional support. Of course, it costs something, but it's definitely worth it.
Foto des Businessplan-Kunden Fangemann
Roger Fangemann

wfk plant engineering GmbH

My company wfk Anlagenbau develops and markets photovoltaic projects. In order to secure the steady growth of our portfolio of photovoltaic systems through a bank, Mr Giebitz supported us with a professional business plan.

In a short time and with great commitment, he managed to translate technically complex contexts into a language suitable for banks.

Mr Giebitz has a lot of experience and high professional competence. He pointed out new growth opportunities to us and translated our plans into bankable language. And he also prepared us very well for the upcoming talks.

With his help, we were able to move our company significantly faster and further forward. I can unreservedly recommend Mr Giebitz's very good work.

Foto des Businessplan-Kunden Tim Katthöfer (Personalberater)
Tim Katthoefer

Headhunter, Corporate Connect GmbH

I am very satisfied with the work of Mr Giebitz. Mr Giebitz was able to dive deep into the topic after just a few minutes and helped me with my business plan as a really competent partner.

Thanks to the very professional work, I could start my own HR consultancy - many thanks for that!

Foto Businessplan-Kunde Julian Schröder
Julian Schroeder

Entrepreneur, Orange & Soul SE

We had developed our company Orange & Soul into a leading distributor of beverage machines for freshly squeezed orange juice.

And we were at the point where we needed financing of EUR 1.5 million for the next expansion step. For this, Mr. Giebitz wrote us a business plan that described our business and the opportunities for investors very well.
Mr. Giebitz did not just describe the existing business model, but made suggestions on how we could change our pricing model to earn 20% more. Mr. Giebitz has a lot of experience, he thinks very analytically and above all he scrutinizes the business model with the mind of a sales director.

Mr. Giebitz's business plan consulting more than fulfilled our expectations.

Foto Businessplan-Kundin Carina Stanek
Carina Stanek

Humani Assistance Dogs Training

Mr Giebitz accompanied me with commitment and competence from the idea to the foundation. I was an educator for many years and now have a company near Osnabrück that trains assistance dogs for people with impairments.

Without his help - especially with the business plan and the negotiations for financing - I would hardly have got my loan and I would not have been able to realise my dream of self-employment.

I fully recommend Mr Giebitz.

Foto Businessplan-Kundin Tanja Nehter
Tina Nehter

Trout farm Wester-Ohrstedt

I started my own trout farm in Schleswig-Holstein with my partner Ralf Stenzel. There, fishing guests can expect three lakes with 20,000 square metres and high-quality fish stock.

Mr Giebitz advised us on setting up the business and wrote the business plan. The cooperation was not only professional and successful, but also personally pleasant. He was always polite and friendly.

It should be emphasised that Mr Giebitz was very flexible and helpful, and that in the end he probably put more time into our project than he got paid for.

We felt in good hands and are happy to recommend him.

Foto Businessplan-Kunden Carsten Beyreuther (Verkaufstrainer)
Carsten Beyreuther

Sales coach, CEO of beyreutherTRAINING Schweiz AG

I run a sales training company in Berlin and Basel. We have great growth potential with small entrepreneurs and self-employed people. We can now offer these customers our sales training with instalment payments, which we refinance through a factoring company. For a long time we couldn't find a financing partner for this.
But thanks to the business plan, we were able to present our business model and the profitability of the target segment to the decision-makers in the bank. We are now increasing our turnover with self-employed and small entrepreneurs enormously.

I am glad that I entrusted Roland Giebitz to prepared the business plan for us and I recommend other entrepreneurs to hire him. You will make a good decision if you let Mr Giebitz write your business plan.

Foto Businessplan-Kunde Christian Ohle
Christian Ohle

OHLE GmbH & Co KG electric heaters

We have grown strongly and invested a lot. That took up liquidity. In this phase, Mr. Giebitz developed a bank presentation for us that strengthened our relationships with the banks. In a short time, he cast our growth perspectives and sales measures into a financial plan and presented everything in a very good presentation. This professional bank communication was a complete success. I can fully recommend Mr Giebitz.
Foto Businessplan-Kunde Chris Lüsse
Chris-Alexander Luesse

Founder, Spoodz Internetportal for sports, food, health

I am the founder of an internet portal for sports, food and health. Mr Giebitz didn't just draw up the business plan, he reviewed my original business idea and advised me to expand my portal by two areas. This advice took me a decisive step further. It enabled me to further develop my business concept into what it is now. The cooperation was pleasant, goal-oriented, and brought a very good result with which I am very satisfied. I would not have thought that an original idea could be developed in such a way.

Mr. Giebitz has enormous experience and I would never have managed the numbers part alone.
I am grateful that he explained the interplay of the financial figures so well that I no longer had to fear a bank meeting.


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