Assistance dogs training

Project description

A teacher has developed a dog training business from a personal experience: her daughter suffers from diabetes and was assigned an assistance dog that is trained to smell deviations in insulin levels at an early stage. The dog then barks and warns that it is time for an injection, before the patient is aware of it. If this happens while the patient is asleep, it can be life-threatening.

The business idea was to start a training institute for assistance dogs. Dogs are trained for people with these impairments:

  • diabetes type 1,
  • a mental illness,
  • impairment of hearing,
  • impairment of motor skills.

We accompanied the project from the first idea to the foundation. Developing the business model through various stages was particularly challenging. We developed the business plan and the financial plan and supported the entrepreneur in the discussions with the banks.

The company was ultimately founded near Osnabrück, Germany, with EUR 100,000 in start-up capital and has been developing very positively ever since.

Foto von Hundetrainerin mit Hund

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