Mobile Shopping App

Project description

A Swiss entrepreneur launches a mobile app for Amazon sellers.

The global e-commerce market has enormous growth potential. The largest trading platform is Amazon. There are around 2 million active Amazon sellers worldwide. These Amazon sellers need a tool that gives them comprehensive real-time insight into sales, inventory, account activity, complaints, price trends and time-critical actions.

The entrepreneur had an app programmed that works on the smartphone and processes huge amounts of data at breakneck speed, so that the professional Amazon seller always has all the important information about his business available in real time and in a clear form.

We supported the entrepreneur in analysing the market and presented the complex technical features of the software in a way that made the user benefits easy to understand. Together we worked out a detailed plan of marketing expenses and derived the development of sales from this. We expanded this into a monthly profit and loss plan and liquidity plan.

The business plan was designed to obtain EUR 2.5 million in equity from investors.

Foto Smartphone mit Online Shopping App

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