VR Software development

Project description

Two Berlin software developers create extended reality projects for corporate clients, especially virtual installations indoors, and sell software to virtual reality programmers.

The two entrepreneurs needed 300,000 EUR to pre-finance large orders.

For companies in many sectors, virtual reality is a particularly attractive communication channel because VR can create a highly emotional connection between the customer and the product, thus increasing the willingness to buy.

Fields of application are virtual showrooms, virtual product configurators (e.g. IKEA with fitted kitchens), design and creation processes on the computer instead of in the workshop, VR websites in 360° rooms, shopping assistance (which can be used, for example, to recommend the right table for the kitchen or the matching jewellery for the dress) as well as “Bring Print to Life”, whereby printed images, signs and symbols serve as a switch that displays additional digital information in AR apps and thus brings the printed products to life.

We worked with the entrepreneurs for the business plan to illustrate the complex services and their benefits for corporate customers and the experience value for their end customers, and developed the financial planning for the various business areas.

Foto von Mann mit Virtual Reality-Maske

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