Financing real estate projects

Project description

Our projects often deal with financing of real estate transactions.

Clients are private investors or business people who want to build up assets with real estate and use existing real estate as collateral for the purchase of new real estate, as far as possible.

It is important to demonstrate to the financing banks that the total collateral provided and income justify granting a loan for the new property. In the business plan, we therefore present the relevant variables such as market values of all properties, loan-to-value ratios, interest and redemption payments and the surpluses from rental income and costs.

In this way, we help clients to achieve or enhance financing by presenting their bank with a meaningful business plan that provides answers to the bankers’ many questions.

Foto Immobilienfinanzierung

Do you want to have a bankable business plan created? Then you are in the right place!

You only have one shot at the bank. With a professional business plan and a convincing appearance, you will most likely receive your financing and can take off with your project!