Recruitment agency

Project description

Here are two examples of recruitment agencies / personnel services:

We supported a headhunter from Duesseldorf in becoming self-employed and setting up his own recruitment agency.

In this business, acquiring orders is the most important core competence, and it is helpful to have established contacts to long-standing clients. The headhunter has specialised in a narrowly defined niche in the field of IT specialists and executives. This focus makes it easier for him to be seen by clients as a competent supplier.

We helped the entrepreneur to plan in detail the individual steps of his acquisition process up to the final cash inflow. And we worked with him to calculate the time needed to train sales staff and the resulting financing requirements.


Another, similar project involved the placement of craftsmen. A Munich-based entrepreneur has set up a platform through which he can find electrical engineers and other craftsmen for installation projects.

The service consists of selecting the nearest available craftsmen who are suitable for the tasks. Corporate clients are spared the time-consuming process of searching, contacting, selecting, negotiating and concluding contracts with the craftsmen; the Munich entrepreneur administers all this for his clients at a low price.
We helped him define target customers and marketing his service.

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