Fish farming

Project description

An entrepreneur who ran a successful fish farming business wanted to expand and set up a new aquaculture business on a greenfield site. The capital requirement was over € 20 million.

We supported the entrepreneur in developing his business model and worked out a detailed business plan:

First, we analysed the sales side and especially the requirements of the food retail industry.

Together with the entrepreneur, we developed an expanded product range. Unprocessed whole fish were supplemented by supermarket-ready packaged fillets and fish specialities, because these processed products have higher margins.

Other important components of the financial plan were the capital investments, as well as the production costs and the marketing costs, which we researched in detail.

From the wealth of individual information, we developed an integrated financial plan with individual plans for turnover, P&L, investments, financing, balance sheet and cash flow.

With this model, we were able to simulate various scenarios for prices and costs and demonstrate the stability of the business model.

We presented these results in the text part of the business plan; before that we presented the market analysis, the sales measures and the operational processes in production.

To finance the business, we designed the financial structure with limited partnership capital, supplemented by mezzanine capital such as profit participation rights, silent partnerships, debentures and subordinated loans, as well as bank loans for a further stage of expansion.

The company offers investors a capital-intensive but highly profitable investment.

Foto von Fischverarbeitung

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