Physiotherapy practice

Project description

A physiotherapist has set up his own practice in Bonn, Germany. He needed 75,000 € for equipment and for the start-up phase.

The physiotherapist initially only wanted to apply to the bank for the €42,000 needed to invest in equipment. We were able to show him through our liquidity plan that he would actually need considerably more money – namely 75,000 EUR, which also includes the start-up losses.

This is because we calculated in the business plan a slow increase in occupancy and initial expenses for marketing. This meant that the practice had to be pre-financed in the first 10 months, and only after that did the income exceed the expenses.

Success factors for a physiotherapy practice are the skill of the therapist, an easily accessible location without too much competition, a network of doctors who send patients and, from the third year, at least one employed physiotherapist. With such a well-established practice, six-figure profits can be made when occupancy is high.

We prepared the business plan with the said liquidity planning and enabled the physiotherapist to present a meaningful plan to his bank.

Foto Physiotherapie

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